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"One thing there’s not enough in this life: Rock and roll bands without a single fear in the world, that can still create meaningful music that is more than just a sum of its parts. Mortigi Tempo is one such band, akin to some of the early ‘90s SubPop Records stuff that practically made me as a guitarist. But there’s a new beat, a new tick to this group, separating them from the older psychedelic jams of the ‘70s and the grungy, spongy rock of the ‘90s, thus making itself new and fresh in utterly familiar ways." - Matt Daniels, The Daily Herald


Vocals, Guitar / Chris Fallo
Vocals, Bass, Keyboard / Nicholas Allen
Drums / Marc Leach


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“Spread the disease out now!

Our latest release “Spread The Disease” was released! Go check it out where you check out all things music. We promise you’ll like.

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Spread The Disease

by Mortigi Tempo